Join our support to Third World Widows and Orphans

Join our support to Third World Widows and Orphans

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You can join our efforts to help expanding our Third World projects for Widows and Orphans in Africa and India, these are the poorest and most needy people that we must help.

The Lord explicitly mentions them in the scriptures and states that this is pure religion.

Our support extends from feeding projects, fresh water solutions through building wells, giving widows' children and orphans the little financial support they need to go to school, help to get widows in to work were possible and of course we bring them the Gospel. All finances go through our own project managers that live in the area so that not one dollar is lost in corruption and all is accounted for. 

The poorest and the most needy depend on us, we have not set a target, because the need is ongoing, the Lord will bless your wise financial stewardship by joining. We will regularly update you with field reports when you join.